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Samstag, März 19, 2005

State of recent projects
Business directory for - at the moment - german speaking countries. Free listing of small and medium business sites.
Whole version to be integrated into CMS again. Let´s see, how search engines value this.
English version to be set up.
Most comprehensive database of serial killers, honored by many Criminology Institutes & organizations.
I recently started to create a "crimeline". This crimeline wants to give an overview of the development of Forensic Science on one line and crimes on the other line, which influences Forensic Science. - still under conception
Well, I am still thinking about the concept. In connection with I got the picture in my head of women's faces. On I show "faces of evil". So the idea was born to create a website, showing "faceZZZ" in various contexts, like faces of future, faces of science, faces of literature, noble faces, faces of the world etc. Like the idea?


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